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Epsom Salt Detox Bath

Easy DIY Detox Bath Recipe

Hello everyone!  I know that there is no schedule to my blogposts. I think  I have to get better at organising my time. Anyway today I would like to tell you more about my favourite relaxing home spa treatment … and it is …. a detox bath. The only thing I like more than a  face mask is a face mask while having a bath.

If you’re feeling  tired or your skin looks grey and dull, a detox bath may be just what you need.

Having  a detox bath is a good way to cleanse your body, rest your mind, and give extra support to several of the body’s systems.

There are various types of natural  DIY detox baths that you can choose from, each of which have their own goals and benefits provided. Essential oil and epsom salt bath is my all time favourite.

Epsom Salt & Essential Oils Detox Bath

  • 1/2 Cup  of Epsom salts
  • 1/2 C of Baking soda
  • 1/4 C of Vinegar
  • 15 drops of Essential oil

My favourite essential oils:

  • Lavender – great calming & relaxing properties
  • Grapefruit – Uplifting & refreshing
  • Peppermint – Fatigue
  • Cedar wood – Depression
  • Chamomile & Rosemary – Headache

Soak in your bath for up to 30 minutes. Remember, hot water is best for all detox baths since hot water is what is needed to help detoxify as it opens up the skin’s pores. Keep water to drink nearby as well as a washcloth… this bath is gonna make you sweat!

Dry yourself off after the bath. Don’t be surprised if you continue to sweat for a couple of hours afterwards. You may also find that the vinegar detox bath makes you a little sleepy, so you might want to head straight to bed after hopping out of the tub.

Make sure to drink water before you go to sleep, and have water handy in case you wake up in the middle of the night so you can keep hydrated.

I don’t have a bath tube in my house, so I make sure whenever I need to stay in a hotel I have a bath tube there. Do you like a bath soak? I love love love it. When I will be moving I will make sure my next house will have a bath tub.

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