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Joik advent calendar ady 8 scented sachet

Joik Advent Calendar Day 8 – Vanille Et Noisette Scented Sachet

Hello Everyone!  It’s day no 8 of Joik Advent Calendar 2017 … and it is  Friday … it felt like a looong week.  Today’s offering is a mini version of JOIK scented sachet.

When this calendar was first delivered it smelled like biscuits. I could not figure out what smelled so tasty lol …. well now I know .

Day 8 – Vanille Et Noisette Scented Sachet

I don’t think I can say much about a scented pouch. The packaging is nice. The smell is great … but do I love it … no .. I think it is OK. I just hope it is eco friendly. There is not much I can get from the packaging.  I really do hope that my car will smell like freshly baked cookies for the next 2 months.

Vanille Et Noisette Scented Sachet – Producer Description

A classic yet remarkably unique vanilla scent with touches of caramel, rich maple and chestnuts in a buttery creamy base. A wonderful and warm scent. JOIK scented sachet is a wonderful way to bring a nice aroma to small spaces like bathrooms, cars or cupboards and drawers.

Remove sachet from the box and hang in a space you wish to scent (bathroom, car, cupboard or drawer, etc.)

Scented sachet is best suited to scent small spaces, for a larger space we recommend to use JOIK reed diffusers.

For a better release of fragrance shake the sachet occasionally. The aroma of a scented sachet lasts for approximately 2 months.

a small tip – once the sachet has almost lost its scent, open the bag and pour the small beads on the floor and vacuum in to scent the vacuum cleaner.

The scented sachet can damage textiles, wooden and plastic surfaces. If on skin, wash with soap and water. Keep away from children and pets.

Vanille Et Noisette Scented Sachet – Ingredients

Can’t find what exactly it is made of.

Vanille Et Noisette Scented Sachet – Summary

I love its smell. It smells like my house when I bake 😉 I wish I got another skincare product or a candle instead of it. I am not sure what it is made of. If it is plastic I hope it is recyclable, but somehow I don’t think it is. I will use it as a car air freshener and I think it will not go to waste, but if I had a choice I probably would not buy it.

Hope you enjoyed my little review.  Have a nice day or evening, … depending on the time you are reading it xx

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