Basic hair care tips that anyone can follow
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Basic hair care tips that anyone can follow

Hello! I am not the most regular blogger out there. I decided to write on a new to my blog topic … hair care. I got really interested in hair care in the past year or so as my hair was not in the best shape. At the beginning of last year I cut my hair to a shoulder length and decided to bleach ends to almost white colour to achieve a funky ombre effect. then shortly after that my now finance decided to propose and I began my journey to longer, healthier hair.

I hope you will find my tips helpful whether you are trying to grow your hair or just look after it as best as you can in-between your regular hair appointments.

  1. Looking after your hair at home on a daily basis is vital for keeping your hair in a good condition. What you will do with your hair on a daily basis has a much bigger impact than yout monthly or bi-monthly hairdresser appointments. A hairdresser will cut your hair, dye your hair and wash it and put a “professional” conditioner, but it is not looking after your hair and scalp. Most of the easily available conditioners and even salon conditioners just coat your hair in silicones and give you a false impression of healthy and shiny hair … until you wash it again and you see what damage was done. To keep your hair in a tip top condition make sure you will give your hair extra love just before and after a hair dye appointment. You hairdresser should be able to advise best hair care based on the ingredients of the product not based on the labels or brands.
  2. Hair extensions no matter how well applied will always damage your hair and hair follicle in the long run. With prolonged wear of hair extensions your hair follicles will become weaker and your hair will be noticeably thinner, as the weight of it is simply most often too much. Growing your hair does take time but is definitely a better option. It would be cheaper too and would require less maintenance
  3. Dying your hair and bleaching will always damage your hair no matter what products would be used. If a hairdresser tells you that their hair dyes are not damaging to the hair, they are either lying or do not now enough about how hair actually gets dyed. Only henna can improve your hair condition and with regular use it can make your hair thicker and stronger. Try to wait as long as you can before your next hair dye appointment or switch to henna if you find your hair does not handle salon or boxed hair dyes well. The better condition your hair is prior to the hair dye appointment the less damage dyeing will do.
  4. Keratin is not a go-to solution to all your hair problems and salon hair treatment will not fix your hair in the long term. Make sure you will not over-do keratin treatments as it will make your hair dry and brittle. If you decide to go for a keratin treatment please make sure it is formaldehyde and formaldehyde derivatives free.
  5. There is no such thing as “professional” / salon hair products. There are no miracle products either that will fix your hair after just one use. One ingredient hair oil can work better for your hair than a super expensive salon bought conditioner. It is all about the ingredients written in the small print and not what the marketing team wrote on the label.
  6. Even cheap hair products with minimal ingredients can work better than products that cost an arm and a leg. Again it is all about the ingredients.
  7. A balanced diet can transform your hair and give you volume and shine.
  8. Hair oils without silicones, humectants and regular hair masks are your best friends.
  9. Shampoos without sulphates and conditioners without silicones and alcohol are a way to go.

Let me know if you find hair care interesting and I will try and write more. Thinking abut writing about hair types and hair requirements in the next blog post … hopefully soon.

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