All Things 7

Hi, My name is Paulina

Hi I’m Paulina, and I’ve been trying to live a sustainable livestyle In Ireland, Kerry to be percise :)… not a treehouse, although that would be the dream!) for the past 4 years.

What does sustainable lifestyle means you might ask and different people might give you a different answer. To me sustainable lifestyle means having a fulfilled life while being conscious of the long term goals for our planet and keeping in mind how my choices might affect the planet.

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about making changes, no matter how small they are. Do what works for you and you’ll find you’re constantly growing and improving. Living sustainably doesn’t happen over night, but the willingness to start, does!

So, I wanted somewhere to share all the little discoveries I stumble upon and thought ALL THINGS 7  was a good place to start; a hub for all things that I love that tick the following criteria:

Zero Waste or Minimal Waste at least – I try to buy as little as possible, I love handmade clothes, skincare and food so I still buy but make sure I support small local brands where possible and try not to buy anything that I cant recycle.

Organic – in its truest form not just legally organic, I think we should look after our soil and support the people, farmers, growers and brands that produce and deliver organic in the best possible way. Organic can mean different things to different people. I’m talking a biodiverse system that works with nature. Not a monoculture – organic or otherwise. Diversity is the key!

Sustainable – If it’s too tricky to maintain, too resource intense or generally too wasteful, it isn’t gonna stick around for long.

Genuinely Awesome – I’m only going to feature things that I genuinely think are awesome on this blog. ALL THINGS 7 is a collection of discoveries and moments in my life that I love so much I want you to discover them too. I will let you know when I have been sent a freebie or using affiliate links, usually declared in the blog post and marked with *.