All Things 7

Hi, My name is Paulina

Hi there, my name is Paulina and I've been trying to live a sustainable lifestyle in Ireland (specifically in Kerry) for the past four years.

When I say sustainable lifestyle, I'm referring to a fulfilled life that is also mindful of the long-term goals for our planet and the impact of my choices on the environment. It's not about being perfect, but rather about making small changes and doing what works for you. Sustainable living doesn't happen overnight, but the willingness to start is key.

I created this blog, ALL THINGS 7, as a place to share all the little discoveries I come across that meet the following criteria:

Zero or minimal waste: I try to buy as little as possible and support small, local brands when possible. I also make sure to recycle whenever I can.

Organic: I prioritise supporting farmers, growers, and brands that produce and deliver organic products in a way that is biodiverse and works with nature, rather than a monoculture.

Sustainable: If something is too resource-intensive or wasteful, it's not going to stick around for long on this blog.

Genuinely awesome: I only feature things that I genuinely think are amazing on this blog. ALL THINGS 7 is a collection of my favorite discoveries and moments in life that I want to share with you. I'll always let you know when I've received a free product or am using affiliate links, which will be declared in the blog post and marked with an asterisk (*)."