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Blumáin Organic Skincare

A few words from Sinead: As a beauty therapist, I've always had a huge passion for skincare. I've worked with many different skincare brands and when I decided to open my own salon in my home village of Ballydesmond, Co. Cork (in the middle of a recession), I found it a struggle to find an
affordable, organic, salon quality skincare range for my clients and it was here that the idea for the Blumáin Organic Skincare range began.

I wanted products that were going to benefit my clients and I believe that going organic is one of the best ways to do this. Each product is packed with only the finest organic vegetable oils, butter, floral waters, botanical extracts and essential oils. As well as all the beautiful aromatherapy ingredients I also love to pack my products full of active ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Vitamins that will make such an impact on my customer’s skin and give me the results I want to see as a

I really believe that every product should be packed with functional, beneficial ingredients, not fillers, thickeners and artificial scents! I love the creativity of being able to develop my own products suited to my customers wants and needs and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing those clients coming back to purchase their favourite products again and again or their friends and family buying the products on their recommendations.

My aim is for my products to encourage women to look after themselves a little more, make self-care a must and it was this that led me to making my range of soy candles and reed diffusers. Each product is scented with nothing but pure, organic essential oils to heal the
body, mind and soul.

Nami Naturale

Nami Naturale is quite new skincare brand on Irish market. All the products are lovingly made in county Cavan and no ingredient is used by accident.

The story of Nami Naturale began in 2016 when Jan became pregnant and searched for effective post-pregnancy confinement available in New Zealand. In 2017, Jan decided to return to her husband’s native country, Ireland, where she continued her search for natural alternatives. Initially, it all began as a journey into her own personal wellness. But once she discovered the power of nature’s diverse and effective healing benefits, Jan made it her mission to share with the world the importance of quality skincare products and at the same time educating people about the benefits of using organic skincare not only to one’s personal health but to the environment’s sustainability.

Ocean Bloom

At the heart of all Ocean Blooms Seaweed Skincare products lies the long known natural therapeutic power of Seaweed gathered from the clear pristine waters of our shores. Based on the beautiful Beara Peninsula we take inspiration daily from our magnificent coastlines and beautiful mountain ranges.

Cheryl our founder is an aromatherapist with over 20 years experience who set out to create a remedy to heal a family members baby eczema. Ocean Bloom was born when news of her success filtered through the community and others began looking for Cheryls skincare products.

All Ocean Bloom products are made using carefully selected plant oils and extracts from around the world that are combined with our own hand harvested seaweed serum. Packed with antioxidants and nutrients we hope you will feel the benefits and notice a positive difference in the health of your skin.

By Nature

Many of my favourite brands are made in Poland, and buying them in Poland to get them delivered to Ireland is not very sustainable.  I was absolutely delighted when I came across By Nature. Not only they sell most of my favourite brands, but they are also amazing to deal with. A few words from teh founders:

"My name is Ania. Together with my husband Grzegorz, we run a By-Nature store. How it all started A difficult moment in our life prompted us to change our current habits, leading us towards a healthy lifestyle. From that moment on, natural cosmetics became commonplace, and the idea of creating a store slowly grew in strength. My favorite natural cosmetics brands weren't available in Ireland so I thought it was a good idea to open an online store. I know that people's awareness of natural skin care is growing. I wanted to make it easier for you to access great brands so that you too could benefit from it"


Zero Waste Shops

Ode to Earth

Eco living made easy.

One stop shop for plastic free, natural, eco-friendly products for you and your home. Products are minimal/zero waste, helping you to live more sustainably without sacrificing on quality. Strong focus on Irish,handmade products. Shop green in every way!

Green Outlook

Fiona created Green Outlook with the aim to promote sustainable living.

Whether you’re zero waste or looking to make your first plastic free swap she is here to help. She champions Irish Suppliers with over 100 products Handmade in Ireland to cater for all your eco friendly needs.

Enjoy browsing the carefully curated selection of sustainable, plastic free products and get in touch if you have any questions, they are happy to help.

All parcels are posted in plastic free packaging. With reduced delivery of €3 for all Irish orders during Covid-19. Additionally, Green Outlook now stocks a range of reusable face masks, soaps and hand creams for your safety.


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Artwood Ireland

Artwood is the innovative creation of Giolla Liddy and Emily Sachs-Eldridge. It is an Irish family craft business that they are so proud of. It all started back in 2013.

Giolla had been working as a carpenter for many years after his father taught him the trade as a young boy. He soon found that this was the life for him. Together, Giolla and his father made many kitchen cabinets, tables and pretty much anything that someone needed.

Emily is trained as an organic horticulturist and she had been working at markets selling organic vegetables.

One day Emily brought home a crystal for hanging in their window. It was decorated with some small plastic beads but Emily only wanted the crystal. However, Giolla looked at the crystal and thought “I could do something nice with that” and so their first Suncatcher was born. Giolla initially came up with the idea of the Moon Suncatchers. With this purpose in mind, he went out to the workshop and came back later with a beautiful gift for his wife. As they looked at the piece they thought “Maybe other people might like these too?”


Handcrafted Driftwood decor and Beach jewellery, made with 100% genuine driftwood, sea glass, sea pottery etc sourced and hand picked by myself on the beaches and shorelines of county Kerry, Ireland.


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Suchness Jewellery

Inspired by tall trees, beautiful mountains, the magic of the ocean, the serenity of lakes and life itself; I express myself through jewellery, I Handstamp all pieces with much care and love, hoping those who wear it feels how special they are.

I use quotes and words that inspire me with the intention of giving little reminders to the receiver.
Life is wonderful, but it can be tough if we don’t remind ourselves to keep looking at the ‘little things’, to be present; and that is what Suchness means: “Here and Now”, isn’t this the key for happiness?!

I just want to make pieces that tell stories, reminds you of special moments, of how amazing and capable you are!

I am also very interested in Mental Health and this is something I try to promote in my social media through quotes, images, and videos of my adventures (Nature is my healer).

Come and join me, let’s explore the wonder of life together!


Hidden right at the back of our cottage is a teeny little workshop ...
and this is where I create my pieces ..... looking out onto greenery and moss and a very little pond. As I sit at my workbench I am looking out at the garden at ground level, perfect for seeing little birds pecking about and in summer the bees and butterflies.

Having grown up and now living in the countryside, it is where I find a lot of my inspiration. There are a lot of really magical places around, ancient holy wells, some well tended some almost forgotten and overgrown and they all have a beauty and story of their own.

Before I can begin creating, there is the essential cup of hot black tea .... I find I need to repeat this every so often!!